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Driving Route - Yellow

Driving the Yellow Route, 34 miles

Leave north side of the Depot Parking lot, turn left on US 36 (Ohio Street)  At second stop light by courthouse, (US 36  & Market Street) turn right on Market Street. Curving to the left, Market Street becomes Howard Avenue.  At the stop light at Howard Avenue and US 41, drive straight across US 41 on Howard Avenue.

Howard Avenue becomes Strawberry Road.  Follow yellow signs, turn right on 10 O’clock Road. At 4-way stop sign, go straight ahead on 10 O’clock Road. At stop sign turn right on Tow Path Road to #26 WEST UNION BRIDGE. Proceed on Tow Path Road then curve right on 525W.

Turn right on 790N (beginning of gravel road area) then left at 450W, then right on 800N to #29 MARSHALL BRIDGE. Proceed on 800N then turn left on English Road. At stop sign, turn left on 900N to #30 RUSH CREEK  BRIDGE. Proceed to stop sign. (end of gravel road area). Turn right on 425W.  At next stop sign turn right on 1050N.

Stay on 1050N, then turn right on B’Dale Road.  At this point you will see both yellow route signs and blue route signs. B’Dale Road will have two options at "T". Turn left on B’Dale Road. Stop sign at B’Dale Rd and 250W, turn right on B’Dale Rd. to #28 JACKSON BRIDGE.

Stay on B’Dale Rd into Bloomingdale. B’Dale Rd becomes Main Street in town. At "T" go left  then right on Broadway. At 4-way stop sign turn left on Hilltop Road.  At stop sign at Hilltop Road and US 41, turn right onto US 41. Proceed south on US 41. You can see #13 CATLIN BRIDGE on the right at the Parke County Golf Course.  Proceed into Rockville to end your tour.


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